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Cupcake Hill

6 June
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When you have an eating disorder, your life revolves around food. I spend most of my time looking at food, drawing food, making fake food, and wearing food accessories. I made a journal so that I could talk to people like me and write stories about princesses. I like to pretend I am a half-vampire princess. I don't need food, but food is forced on me. My human half craves it, but my vampire half will not tolerate it.

In my post, I refer to real people in my life and my disease using fake names:
Royal Adviser: My alter-ego/eating disorder
Royal Servant: My boyfriend
Royal Guards: Anyone working in the box office or front desk at the theatre I work at
Royal Waiters and Waitresses: Anyone working in concessions the theatre
Royal Maids and Butlers: Anyone working as an usher at the theatre